LivyLu’s Gourmet Products, Inc.

Welcome to the website for the perfect cookie baking mold.

LivyLu’s Gourmet Products offers everyone from a gourmet baker to a child learning to bake, a unique, fun and creative experience with its “one of a kind” baking products and its tasty Gourmet Dry Cookie Mixes.


Originally created just for cookies, the LivyLu’s “Perfect Cookie Mold” has expanded and developed into a versatile baking utensil. Anyone with an appetite for baking will enjoy the endless possibilities with each use.


LivyLu’s Gourmet Products started with a unique concept to create a consumer product that while baking would create perfectly symmetrical cookies similar to professionally baked cookies. The need for symmetry in baking arose from my own frustration with odd shaped cookies no matter what technique I used during the baking process. The result was an idea to design a mold that would create the ideal shape in different sizes while baking in the oven. The end result not only became an easy solution for an annoying problem, but much more in terms of functionality and creativity.


LivyLu’s “Perfect Cookie Mold” was launched on QVC in January 2007 and again in the fall of 2007. The shows displayed the wonderful versatility of the product. Its many baking uses can be seen in the photos pictured throughout our website.


The following reviews are from very satisfied QVC viewers who gave our molds the highest rating of 5 stars

Robert L. - Great Idea!!

“I purchased these items and they work. All my drop cookies are perfectly round and the same size. This is also great to use for drop biscuits too. The only thing I haven’t tried yet (but intend to) is to use this mold to make silver dollar pancakes. This item is a great idea. Highly recommended!”

Vicky S.- Excellent Cookie Ring Molds

“I make tons of cookies for school functions and family get-togethers. These rings are wonderful for large amounts and portion control. Each cookie is exactly the same size. They make thicker uniform cookies so the edges do not get over-baked before the center is done. They would be great to sell in same size sets too, like 3 of the medium for example. Also an additional size between the large and medium would be so helpful. Thanks for this wonderful product.”